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Rocket Spanish  Rocket Spanish: #1 Report Choice

Welcome to Your Spanish Language Software Report

This site is all about helping you to choose the right Spanish language learning software that will help make learning Spanish easy. It's time to get going with making 'friends' with Spanish. I was going to say 'conquer' Spanish, but that didn't seem quite right. After all, I'm guessing that your goal is to build a friendly relationship with others - others who speak Spanish.

Whether for business, the search for knowledge or for pleasure, you are taking steps to understand another language, its people, and its culture. What an awesome adventure!

In this report you will find reviews of four of the most popular language learning software packages for learning Spanish. Also included are a couple of articles and a list of resources. I hope they will help you in choosing the best approach for your learning adventure, and in your ongoing progress. I wish you all the best. Now, let's get going with the reviews.

The learning packages are Rocket Spanish, Rosetta Stone, Tell Me More, and Pimsleur. 


Rocket Spanish


Course Approach

Rocket Spanish founder Mauricio Evlampieff, was a native of  Chile whose family moved to the United States. He found himself ‘thrown’ into an English speaking school at the age of 12, so he can claim to have some experience learning a foreign language. Years later he devised the Rocket course for friends who wanted to learn Spanish.


Rocket Spanish is probably the most popular of the "learn Spanish online" courses. For an excellent reason!  It's the most comprehensive course you can find.


Rocket Spanish incorporates conversation, grammar and vocabulary. The aim is to quick-start students in the world of practical Spanish. The focus is on everyday situations you might find yourself in as a visitor to a Spanish speaking country (primarily Latin American) and how to greet, ask questions and generally converse. In the author’s words, “The Rocket Spanish Course emphasizes developing the ability to speak Spanish and understand what you’re saying in context, before you learn the nitty-gritty details of grammar.”

For the complete report on Rocket Spanish click here Rocket Spanish



 Tell Me More

Course Approach
Tell Me More (by Auralog), like the other programs we’re looking at, uses the immersion method with a listen, look and speak approach to learning. They consider their speech recognition technology to be a key feature. Auralog was the first company to integrate speech recognition technology into language learning software back in 1990. Auralog claims to have 5 million users worldwide, including governments and universities. They also claim to be ‘the only language learning software that covers all the skills to learn Spanish…’
  The program is available in 9 languages.

For the complete report on Tell Me More click here Tell Me More


Course Approach
 draws its name from its developer, Dr.Paul Pimsleur. The program makes a bold claim that “you will benefit from the years of research and development that have helped create the world’s most effective method for teaching foreign languages.” And the program is certainly prolific, offering courses in no less than 42 languages.

For the complete report on Pimsleur click here Pimsleur

Rosetta Stone

Course Approach
Rosetta Stone is one of the ‘big daddys’ of the language learning software packages and boasts courses in 30 languages. It claims to be intuitive, interactive and visually engaging. It uses what it describes as ‘dynamic immersion’ to avoid translation or memorization of words.

Flexibility is there to tailor packages to various groups: personal, organizations, schools and home schools. The Rosetta web site is colorful and easy to navigate. Not a lot of information is given about their approach on the site, but there are a number of videos that show happy customers engaging with the software. I suppose this is to stay true to the vision of stressing immersion through hearing as opposed to learning through reading.

For the complete report on Rosetta Stone click here Rosetta Stone

Your Next Step

If you've read this far and haven't checked out the reports, why not do so now? These are some of the best language learning software packages available. Remember, I chose Spanish to review the programs, but there are many other languages to choose from. Go on... take the plunge, read the reports and give them a try for yourself.

All of these companies give you the opportunity for a demo and offer a no-risk money-back guarantee should you find they are not a fit. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

All the best with your learning!



Language Trivia  

In 1799 French soldiers discovered a large stone near the town of Rosetta. Egyptian priests created the stone in 196 BC to honor their pharaoh. The writing on the stone appeared in two languages and three scripts and was instrumental in unlocking the key to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The stone became known as the Rosetta Stone.

Tell Me More 

According to the Inupiat Eskimo Dictionary by Webster and Zibell, the Inupiat have 32 words that describe types of snow or snow conditions. For example: ayak: snow on clothes,
kannik: snowflake, nutagak: powder snow.


Afrikaans is one of eleven official languages of South Africa. At about 90 years old, it is one of the world's youngest. A mixture of Dutch, German, and other languages, it is spoken by descendants of Dutch settlers.


Here’s a sentence containing nine ways the combination "ough" can be pronounced: A rough-coated, dough-faced, thoughtful ploughman strode through the streets of Scarborough; after falling into a slough, he coughed and hiccoughed.


"Uncopyrightable" is the longest English word with no repeated letters.


In 1945 a computer at Harvard malfunctioned and Grace Hopper, who was working on the computer, investigated, found a moth in one of the circuits and removed it. Ever since, when something goes wrong with a computer, it is said to have a bug in it.


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“Freelance” comes from a knight whose lance was free for hire, i.e. not pledged to one master.




Mandarin is the official language of China, and is based on the language spoken in Beijing. It is the home language of people in northern China and Sichuan. It is written in simplified Chinese characters, introduced in 1950 under Chairman Mao Zedong to increase literacy.
It has five tones:
1. high level (55)
2. high rising (45)
3. low falling-rising (213)
4. high falling (52)
5. neutral tone



Arabic is the Semitic language spoken across North Africa and the Middle East. It is the fourth most spoken in the world, and one of six official languages used at the United Nations. It is the holy language of Islam and the Qur'an.


Corn has been cultivated in Mexico since the year 7000 B.C., more than 4,500 years before the Chinese had begun to develop a national cuisine. Many of the most popular Mexican dishes date from long before the arrival of the Spaniards in 1521, making Mexico the country with the longest tradition of a national cuisine.